Sunday, January 30, 2005

"In the modern world, image is everything." Discuss. (2000)

In the modern world, image is deemed to be very important as people become more self concious and at the same time, form their own opinions about others based on their portrayed image. As such, people are affected by the constant judgement from others and want to create a better image of themselves. This applies to many aspects of one's life when dealing with others, such as in one's family, social life and career. However, image is not everything as how a person looks may differ from what he really is like in the inside. Hence, image is important but not everything.

Image is almost everything when starting one's career. In interviews, people often try to look their best and show a sense of confidence to the interviewer. In doing so, they try to lead the interviewer to think that they are indeed capable and thus suitable for the job. How a person dresses for interviews is also important as it reflects on the person and shows how important they feel the job is. For example, if one man turns up in jeans while another dresses more formally, the latter is more likely to secure the position if they have the same qualifications. Hence, the first impression made by the interviewee would serve to either impress or have a negative impact on the interviewer. Moreover, in a job itself, it is usually those who are seen to be putting in a lot of effort that are promoted or given a raise. This shows that the image portrayed to one's boss will affect how the employer views a person and hence influence his decision on who to promote or favour. Therefore, image means a lot in climbing the corporate ladder as how one carries himself could affect the opinions of his superiors.


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The introduction is quite good, giving abit of background information- stating that people form their own opinions about others based on their portrayed image. Introdcution also provide an idea of what the other content paragraphnis about (e.g family, social life and career). Stand is also very clear.
Content papragraph is good, providing examples. But it is pretty common and can be improved by providing concrete evident and examples. Language is good. Example of positive use of language-"image means a lot in climbing the corporate ladder."

February 4, 2005 at 4:19 PM  

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